Finally updating here..

It’s been a while, and have read LOTS.  I am currently reading Emma; Jane Austin, and am very undecided on it so far.  Just not really sure where Ms. Austin is going with this one.  I’m also working through Bhagavad gita : a new translation; written by Stephen Mitchell.  I am really fascinated in Spirituality lately, and love learning about world religions and spirituality, am so in love with this book.  Really enjoy reading it, taking my time with it to really absorb it.

Several weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at deconstructing three sweaters, and reusing the yarn .  Well, I started with a red sweater, and decided to work on a booklet I bought back in 2009 and never did anything with called The Great American Aran Afghan.  Last week I got the first block of the booklet done, block 2 (2)

And am currently working on the second one,

block 2 (1)Just love, love, LOVE cables.  Yes they are slow going, but I love the texture, variety and the busy-ness of them.  Oddly enough, I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD, and still find working projects like this soothing..


Wuthering Heights; Emily Bronte

Just finished this book, (well I finished it on the 24th of May) really enjoyed it.  For me, it showed how one person’s attitude and well being will affect an entire family or other group of people.  Psychology has always fascinated me, while I haven’t done much about it, I can still understand it to a large degree.  And this book is laden with psychology!

The Confessions of Nat Turner; William Styron

Just finished up on reading this book, and will never forget it, or the premise behind it all.  While I realize that it’s a controversial book (I had read the reviews prior to reading it), I decided go ahead and read it.  I approached it based on the authors note, stating that his intention was to “re-create a man and his era, and to produce a work that is less an “historical novel” in conventional terms then a meditation on history.”

First off, I have to say, I am truly grateful that slavery was abolished, and well before my time.  Sadly, I don’t believe any of us has really gotten over the horrors of it, nor the, well I want to say sentiments, but I’m not sure that’s the correct word for it.  As I feel like there’s still so much in the way of prejudice, still lingering.  I believe that our own personal prejudices not only linger on due to our fears, and lack of working through them, but they are there also due to ignorance and vanity.  When I say vanity, I’m referring to our internal judging that we pass on everything and everyone, placing all into neat convenient compartments, placing labels on all.  Which over all, I feel is not only unfair & unnecessary, but so wrong it’s ridiculous!

For me, this was truly difficult to work through and process.  It was definitely thought provoking and I having a feeling that I will be searching for more information on this subject.  While I don’t enjoy the subject matter, reading about it helps me better understand humanity.  Somewhat.  I don’t understand how & why slavery came about, and why it was thought to be okay to exploit one group of human beings for the monetary gain/benefit of another.  Power?  Was it just a really bad way of stating whose penis was bigger?  I mean really, come on people!  I am utterly amazed at who is really in the drivers seat of power & who’s really in the nut house.  Unfortunately, I think we have things a little backwards here… Sigh…

Commercial Free Year

I have decided to do a year of non consumerism this coming year.  What that means, is I will be doing my best not to buy anything that is not necessary.  For example, I need to do grocery shopping, but do I really need that cool gadget on the rack just before I hit the register?

I may need to purchase some clothing at some point in the year, but does it  have to be a name brand, in a name brand store with hefty prices?  Nope, I absolutely love love love my local GoodWill store and other local thrift stores that have very serviceable clothing at great prices (one place even offers clothing for free!)

When cooking, I plan on being very creative in that dept., to avoid going out for that quick burger/pizza, etc when we are too lazy to do much of anything on a particular day.  When I have that surge of energy, I will usually make enough for a couple of meals at once, so we can either  reheat it during those lazy times, or freeze them for future use.

For entertainment, my husband & I rely heavily on the internet, football games on television, and I take full advantage of my local library.   We  have a bundle pkg for our internet/tv/phone at a great price.  So after figuring out how much we use any of these services on a daily basis and the price of them, it really is a savings compared to going out to eat, theater, etc.

I will be posting regularly here of my ideas, progress, successes & failures, and hope that if you have a great idea you’ve come across, you will share here if you have the chance..

Moroccan Motif Cushion

I can’t wait to get started on this beauty!

Make My Day Creative

Moroccan Hexagon Motif - Free Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative - use this to make a cushion or blanket or scarf Moroccan Hexagon Motif – Free Crochet Pattern by Make My Day Creative – use this to make a cushion or blanket or scarf

Do you find Arabic geometry as interesting as I do?  It fascinates me how a minor change in a repeat pattern can give a whole different look and feel to the resulting effect.

The repeats of Moroccan style tiles have an affinity with crochet motifs and I’ve been wondering if I could recreate the effect in crochet for a while.  At first glance this pattern looks like overlapping circles but it is actually a fairly simple hexagon repeat.

Moroccan Motif Inspiration Moroccan Motif Inspiration

So here is my crochet pattern based on it.  I used one ball of blue and one of white to make 10 motifs and sewed them together to make the front of this cushion (it matches these).  There was just enough yarn left over to…

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Broccoli Salad

Just wanted to make a quick post with a really awesome recipe. My husband & I just can’t seem to get enough of this one, so I thought I’d share it.

2 heads of broccoli, chopped
1 c mayonnaise
1 c sour cream
1/2 c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
4 slices of bacon, fried and crumbled
1 c shredded cheddar cheese

Combine all the ingredients but the broccoli & bacon in a bowl, add in the broccoli & bacon, mix until it’s all coated. Cover & put in the fridge overnight. This allows the sugar & flavors to blend well in the salad.

I promise you won’t be disappointed with this salad.

Tuesday’s tidings

Not really sure what to put as a blog post title today, so I went as uncreative as I could. lol

All I really did today was try & clean up more of the terrible trash heap in the back yard, that was so kindly gifted me from the former owners.  I thought, and that being the big key word, I only had a pool left back there next to the shed, only to find out we (my husband & I) couldn’t really move it much.  But did find, after moving it around as much as we could, that it was hiding yet another tv!  We had known there were two of them back there, and got rid of those during spring cleaning week the town was having.  They weren’t charging to get rid of electronics (as long as you called ahead of time, we could put them by the side of the road to be taken by the city during the week of April 13th), and on the 18th, they had hazardous materials day @ the high school, where we could take paint cans, tires, etc.  We took 4 tires from the yard then.  So to find yet another tv, didn’t make me happy, as now we have to wait a year to get rid of it, or pay $25 to get rid of it sooner..

I did find some other trash amongst all that, so I bagged up what I could & put with the rest of our regular trash, but will be more then happy to have all this extra crap done & gone.  Just don’t think I will ever understand why people don’t clean up their messes when they can.  No reason to be keeping a personal dump in one’s back yard when there’s trash service weekly & at least around here, yearly hazardous materials week free of charge to get rid of such things.  Especially when that is what one is paying property taxes for, and they weren’t even utilizing the very service they were paying for..  Don’t get it.

I was also able to finish up washing the windows, which were in the master bedroom.  I washed the curtains & sheets in that room, and now I think I am officially done with the spring cleaning.  I have a closet in the enclosed porch to go through, but that is where we stuck all the odd ball stuff in when we were moving in.  So I’m not considering that spring cleaning, but finishing up the moving responsibilities..  I know, it’s two months later, as we moved in on Feb 25th, but since we’ve moved in, we’ve had plumbing issues (like having completely new plumbing installed), and organizing all the rest of the house.  We are now coming down to finally finishing up the lose ends.

Positive note, I had a wonderful afternoon (the work happened in the am) with my husband.  We didn’t go anywhere, but really had a nice time in our enclosed front porch, just talking, the two of us.  Well, three if our darling pooch is included (which I happily do all the time).

Now off to listening to music and knitting on a sock.  May read a bit from Gone with the Wind before bed.. :p

Night all.